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Project Gabriel

The Project Gabriel Messengers

Just as the Angel Gabriel was a messenger sent to Mary to announce that she would be the mother of the Messiah, so too are the volunteers of Project Gabriel carriers of the message that life is precious and a gift from God.


For information on volunteer opportunities, call the Holy Cross Parish Office at 630-879-4750 or email the Project Gabriel Coordinators (Laura Bretson) at:


Prayer Team
(Coordinator-Ralph Carlson)

The Prayer Team provides prayer support for mothers, their babies, their families and the volunteers who help them. Members of this team also pray for the success of the ministry and the events related to the project.

Angels Team
(Coordinator - Laura Bretson)

The Angels Team (or simply “Angels”) works directly with each woman in need who is referred to Holy Cross Parish.  An Angel conducts an assessment of the mother’s needs, provides emotional (love and friendship), spiritual and practical help, and directs her to local resources with the help of the Community Resource Coordinator.  Being an Angel requires a three-hour training session and regular monthly meeting attendance.

Material Support Team
(Coordinators-Gail & Jim Myers)

The Material Support Team collects and organizes material resources and practical needs for mom and her baby. This includes keeping an ongoing list of supplies for use by the Angels. The team works with St. Vincent de Paul and the Parish Communications Coordinator in obtaining assistance from the parish at large.

Creative Resources
(Coordinator- Corie Kornerup)

The Creative Resources Team works together to provide special “hand-made with love” items such as baby blankets, baby booties, hats etc. The team is also responsible for giving showers, putting together baskets, and collecting personal care items to be used as gifts for Moms.

Marketing and Outreach Team
(Coordinator-Position Vacant)

The Marketing and Outreach Team gets the word out to women in crisis pregnancies letting them know that Project Gabriel is at Holy Cross and in the surrounding area ready to help them.

Communications Team
(Coordinator-Sheila Bangs)

The Communications Team maintains the content of the web site for Project Gabriel members and communicates important information to the teams by use of the bulletin.

Telephone/Email Data Resource Team
(Coordinator-Jessica Brochtrup)

The Telephone/Email Data Resource Team maintains an updated email & phone list used to communicate with Team Coordinators and other Project Gabriel volunteers.

Community Resource Team
(Wayne and Ann Vilchuk)

The Community Resource Team maintains an updated spreadsheet of Community Services available to mothers in need.  The team members serve as a resource contact for the Angels.

Project Gabriel

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