Mass and Special Intentions

Mass Intentions

Monday, October 27

6:30AM † Helen and John Sobon
8:00AM † Maynard Aurit

Tuesday, October 28
Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles

6:30AM † Edith Berres
8:00AM SI Geri Bambas

Wednesday, October 29

6:30AM † George Kalt
8:00AM † Margaret Salbego

Thursday, October 30

6:30AM † Bertha Staudt
8:00AM † Mildred, Donald and William Cavalier, Sr.

Friday, October 31

6:30AM † Danny Calandrino
8:00AM † Robert S. and Helen Noerr

Saturday, November 1
All Saints Day (Not a holy day of obligation)

8:30AM † Shorty Stenman
11:15AM SI Parishioners
4:15PM † Frances Gruber

Sunday, November 2
All Souls' Day

6:30AM SI Parishioners of Holy Cross
8:00AM † Robert Wormwood
9:45AM † Roy Agee
11:15AM Deceased Members of the Schindlbeck, Mathews and Noerr Families

Sanctuary Presence
Lamp Memorial

The Sanctuary Presence Lamp, that burns to let us know of Jesus' Presence in the Tabernacle, will be lit for the intentions of any parishioner or in memory of any of our deceased.

The Lamp will burn for In Memory of Maynard Aurit the week of October 27th - November 2nd.

Adoration Chapel Candles

The Adoration Chapel Candles are lit for the intentions of any parishioner or in memory of any of
our deceased. The offering is $40.00 for one week, Monday through Sunday.

The Candles will burn for the Special Intentions of Deacon Ken Ramsey the week of October 20th - 26th.


Pray For Our Military Men and Women

Please pary for the safety of our Men and Women serving in the military.

To add a name to this list, contact Pat Purcell at 630-373-3474.

1st Lt Anthony Allen Lt Nicholas Motyka
Sgt Chris Barthelme Chief Po George L. Muniz
Sra Matthew Beifuss Lt Col Vinod Naga
A1c Francis Beifuss Sgt Brock Peio
Capt David Bergeron Pfc Jared Peterson
Sgt 1st Class Melissa Brooker Pfc Stephan Precour
Capt Mark S. Browning Sra Brendan P. Purcell
Spc Brandon Cahill Sgt Herman &Quot;richie" Reinhold
Lcpl Casey Danbury 1st Lt Ashley Ritchey
Capt Qunin Eddy Capt Heather Ritchey
Sn Dakota Enders Spc Daniel Sarley
Sa Maley Enders Airman David Schmitt
Capt Craig Falk Capt Carmen Meier-sheehy
Msgt Rett Gauthier Lt Tim Sheehy
Capt John Hendricks C Seth Sherwood
Cpl Frankie Herran Ssgt Michael Staal
Lcpl Nick Horner Spc Marc Stellato
Maj Edgar A. Jimenez Maj James Studlo
2nd Lt Matthew Johnson Wo1 David Thompson
Lcpl Steven Kaeler Spc Margaret Thompson
Spc James A. Konen Ssgt Michael Thompson
Cpl James Laporta Ssgt Alexander Tobusch
Capt Ted Lauzen Cpl Andrew Triphahn
Ens Hans Lauzen Po2 Chris Walgenbach
Sgt Joshua Ledbetter Spc David Walgenbach
Pfc Hunter Levine Spc Mitch Watts
Sgm George Luedtke Christopher Weis
Airman Nick Maxwell Patrick Weis
Midn3c Jack Meier 2nd Lt Jackie Yurgil
2nd Lt Joseph Meier 1st Lt Joseph Yurgil
Spc Dewain Meszaros

Pray For Our Sick

Please remember to pray for the members of our parish who sick or recovering from illness.

Contact the parish office at (630) 879-4750 to remove a name from the above sick list.
Please help us to keep this list up-to-date!

Dave Adam Joseph Hopkins Kenneth Phillippo
Allyssa Altman John Hopkins Bob Pogwizd
Amber Aurit-thomas Hal Jenkins J. Raymond Ramus
Natalie Aurit Jamie Amelia Jeskie Mary Reppen, Sr.
Shelley Aurit-daugherty Dona Joerger Mary Reppen
Dominick Bagnasco, Jr. Cheryl Jungels Simone Romanos
Rita Bambach Betty Kennedy Elizabeth Russell
Mike Barry Edna Konen Ginny Schlameuss
Carole Blake Paula Koppi The Schnaitman Family
Benjamin Buckley Paul Jerome Kopulos Colleen Staniszewski
Sean Buckley Baby Kynslee Kroeger Cindy Strasser
Josephine Bulka Laura Krzykowski Richard Studebaker
Janeen Christensen Grace Kunstman Pamela Sundvall
Art Ciolkowski Richard Kunstman Guy Timm
Michelle Cooper Ginger Lambert Mary Ann Treleven
Donna Dallessase Kristen Russell Larson Bob Treleven, Jr.
John Deward Jim Lempke Diane Vandeveire
Ralph Diederich Gwen Lyons Baby Jenesa Viejon
Sheila Donoghue Wilma Majcen Sarah Vilchuck
Liz Downey Steve Marfise Ella Vincent
Jim Duffy Patrick Montague Dolores Vlakancic
Lorraine Ford George Motyka Winifred Weber
Joan Girmscheid John O'dwyer, Jr. Fran Weiglein
Tom Glemkowski Jerry O'reilly Jacquline Weirich
Fred Harmon Ernie And Gerry Orlando Sheila Wippich
Karl Heitkotter Laura Parisi Carrie Wyatt
Marylyn Hejmej Amy Pavnica Jessica Wymore

For Those Entering Delnor Hospital

If you plan on having surgery or enter Delnor because of an emergency and wish to have the sacrament of Communion brought to you during your stay, you must inform the hospital upon registering that you are a Catholic and also a member of Holy Cross Church in Batavia.