Jesus said to His disciples, "Whoever wishes to come after Me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

 (Matthew 16:24)


Dear School Families, 

Beginning in the fall of 2010, Holy Cross began instituting households in the grade school and parish religious education program. The idea came to me while on sabbatical at Franciscan University where they have households. The households are a way to promote brotherhood and a culture of family within a larger setting.

In the grade school, each class will function as a household for which they choose a name, put together a motto and emblem for a banner, have a mission statement and develop a life of prayer and accountability with each other. They will take the name and develop the mission with each other as they go through the school, with each year adding more richness and depth to their Christian purpose. While the younger grades will participate according to their abilities, it will really begin to take shape with the beginning of second grade. I'll give an example. The fifth grade has chosen the name of Warriors of the Word. This will be their household name throughout their time at Holy Cross. They will develop a mission that describes how they act, learn, pray and love each other as members of a household family. The name, motto, emblem and banner will be part of their communal experiences, including special Masses throughout each year. In addition, the mission statement will be developed as they mature in wisdom, age and grace while the banners will be changed as they grow in artistic ability.

Another aspect of households is Lord's Day where the students will take 10-15 minutes before Friday dismissal for praise and worship, intercessions, opening up the Gospel for the coming Sunday, thanksgiving prayer and a closing song. The point is to get them ready for Sunday with awareness of the Gospel and its meaning (I'll provide that to the teachers to assist them in breaking open the Word). In addition, the intercessory and thanksgiving prayer will help the students articulate what is on their hearts and to allow their prayers to be known to the other members of their household. In this way, we continue to build an atmosphere of compassion, trust and family in which each is known and loved. Practically speaking, it's much harder to be unkind to someone when I know who he or she is, care about them and am praying for the difficulties they shared during Lord's Day.

Please pray for the success of this exciting new idea for our children. Happy Lord's Day!  

Msgr. Deutsch

Our 2012-2013 Households

Eighth Grade: Guardians of the Faith

Seventh Grade: Warriors of the Word

Sixth Grade: Courageous Saints

Fifth Grade: Lambs of the Lord

Fourth Grade: Knights of God

Third Grade: Hearts of Fire

Second Grade: Disciples of the Word

First Grade: Joseph's Workers

Kindergarten: The King's Kids

Preschool: Mary's Lambs

Faculty/Staff: House of Wisdom and Love

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Staff Rosary

Tuesdays, 7 AM

Know that we pray for our families and their special intentions weekly at every Staff Rosary.


Also, at the school entrance each morning at 7:35 AM, we also pray a decade of the Rosary as students arrive for a new day.  Come join us as we entrust our community's prayer intentions to the loving, immaculate heart of Our Blessed Mother.


Special Community Prayer Intention:


Novena Prayer


O gentle, loving God, You chose Saint Joseph to watch over the Divine Child and our Blessed Mother, knowing that his care would be loving and sure, constant and wise.  We seek his care and protection, entrusting our spiritual and temporal needs to his fatherly intercession.


cornerstone"The path we have walked (in building and opening Holy Cross Catholic School)...has been in the footprints of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Architect whose plan we have followed. All that we have tried to do has been for Him. There is a joy in this new ministry for our parish and the exciting work we have been able to accomplish under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, parents and students, I wish to express gratitude and praise to God for all the good work that He has begun and prayerful hope for all that we have yet to accomplish...From daily Mass, confessions, adoration, prayer, classes, sports, friendships, challenges and joyful expectation for all that is to come, Holy Cross School is a place of love diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ. Only in openness to the Holy Spirit can we continue to grow in body, mind and soul and give glory to Christ by becoming all that He calls us to be in His Holy Name.


Yours in Jesus through Mary,


Msgr. Daniel J. Deutsch    August, 2008