Jesus said to His disciples, "Whoever wishes to come after Me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

 (Matthew 16:24)


UNIFORMS:   Our uniforms are supplied by Dennis Uniform and Lands End.  

Our school identification codes are as follows:  

at GHCSL.   

at 900138389

Dress Code

2015/2016 Holy Cross Catholic School Uniform Guidelines


Students K – 8 will be required to be in uniform every day to attend classes. Preschool students are not required to wear a uniform.   All jumpers, skirts, blouses, polo shirts, pants, vests, sweaters and PE uniforms must be purchased through our uniform providers. Our primary provider is Dennis Uniform and our secondary provider is Lands End. Please note the provider listed.


GIRLS             Grades K – 3

  • Plaid jumpers (below or at the knee); Dennis Uniform
  • White Peter Pan Knit top, long or short sleeve; Lands End or Dennis Uniform
  • Navy Crew-Neck Cardigan sweater with logo; Dennis Uniform ONLY


Grades 4 – 8

  • Plaid skirts (below or at the knee); Dennis Uniform
  • Dunbar Plaid Box-pleat or Dunbar Plaid Skort
  • White oxford long or short sleeve blouse; Dennis Uniform
  • Navy cardigan sweaters; Dennis Uniform ONLY
  • Crew neck Cardigan w/logo or V neck Cardigan w/logo
  • Navy v-neck pullover sweater; Dennis Uniform
  • Navy pull over sweater vest; Dennis Uniform
  • Two-button navy vest; Dennis Uniform

 Grades K – 8

  • White over the ankle socks, knee socks, or tights (Socks do not have to be purchased through providers)
  • Navy tights (do not have to be purchased through providers)
  • Plain black leather shoes w/ non-scuff soles, not more than 1” heel. (Do not have to be purchased through providers)
  • One Religious necklace and scapular may be worn with no limit of medals
  • One Religious bracelet may be worn
  • One pair of simple non-dangling earrings may be worn on lower earlobe only
  • No makeup may be worn or colored nail polish including French nails
  • May wear pants under jumper or skirt for recess, and going to and from school
  • May wear navy blue leggings under their jumper or skirt; Dennis Uniform ONLY
  • BOYS              Grades K – 8
  • Khaki pants (boys pants must not be worn any higher than their ankle); Dennis Uniform or Lands End
  • Navy long or short sleeve polo (mesh weave); Dennis Uniform or Lands End
  • Navy v-neck pullover sweater; Dennis Uniform
  • Khaki (tan) or black socks; Socks do not have to be purchased through uniform providers.
  • Belts should be solid black, khaki or navy; Belts do not have to be purchased through uniform providers
  • Black leather loafer or tie style shoes with non-scuff soles; Shoes do not have to be purchased through providers
  • One Religious chain and scapular may be worn with no limit of medals
  • Hair must be above the eyebrows and ears; Hair may not extend below the top of the collar
  • Must be clean shaven when it becomes necessary
  • No earrings may be worn

PE UNIFORMS                    

Grades 3 – 8   (Grades K – 2 will NOT require a PE uniform)

  • Gym Wear T-shirt in heather grey with Holy Cross Logo; Dennis Uniform
  • Gym Wear Mesh short in navy with Holy Cross Logo; Dennis Uniform


      • Blouses and polo shirts must be tucked in at all times
      • Hair must be clean, neat, conservative and free of dye, bleach or highlights
      • No head coverings, hats, kerchiefs, headbands with hanging ribbons or distractions deemed by Principal
      • No shaved heads
      • A watch may be worn
      • No perfume or cologne
      • No tattoos or temporary tattoos permitted
      • NOTE: Lands End Sweaters are for Spirit Wear ONLY – not part of our Uniform Dress Code!

Thank you!


Dress Up/Dress Down Days ~ Students are expected to represent themselves in appropriate dress with modesty at all times. Please refer to your Holy Cross Family Handbook for full guidelines and policies.

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Staff Rosary

Tuesdays, 7 AM

Know that we pray for our families and their special intentions weekly at every Staff Rosary.


Also, at the school entrance each morning at 7:35 AM, we also pray a decade of the Rosary as students arrive for a new day.  Come join us as we entrust our community's prayer intentions to the loving, immaculate heart of Our Blessed Mother.


Special Community Prayer Intention:


Novena Prayer


O gentle, loving God, You chose Saint Joseph to watch over the Divine Child and our Blessed Mother, knowing that his care would be loving and sure, constant and wise.  We seek his care and protection, entrusting our spiritual and temporal needs to his fatherly intercession.


cornerstone"The path we have walked (in building and opening Holy Cross Catholic School)...has been in the footprints of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Architect whose plan we have followed. All that we have tried to do has been for Him. There is a joy in this new ministry for our parish and the exciting work we have been able to accomplish under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, parents and students, I wish to express gratitude and praise to God for all the good work that He has begun and prayerful hope for all that we have yet to accomplish...From daily Mass, confessions, adoration, prayer, classes, sports, friendships, challenges and joyful expectation for all that is to come, Holy Cross School is a place of love diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ. Only in openness to the Holy Spirit can we continue to grow in body, mind and soul and give glory to Christ by becoming all that He calls us to be in His Holy Name.


Yours in Jesus through Mary,


Msgr. Daniel J. Deutsch    August, 2008